A Fundraising Plan

You will need to raise quite a large amount of money in order to sponsor a refugee family. The government requires you to show that you have £4,500 per adult in a ringfenced account, so for a typical two-parent family you would need to be have £9,000. And it may be that you feel you will need more money than that - it depends on local factors. 

So unless your group is made up of quite wealthy individuals who can find this money themselves, or you are attached to an institution that can support your sponsorship financially, you will have to do some fundraising.

That should be an early task because if you can’t raise the funds there is no point continuing with the idea of sponsoring. 

Fortunately, there are many ways of raising funds these days and most sponsoring groups do not find this task a particularly difficult one. 

If funds are an issue, but your group could otherwise take on the commitments of being a sponsor Sponsor Refugees may be able to help. We could link you to people or groups who can’t give the time to sponsoring, but could help financially. (See SUPPORT)