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This petition is promoted by Reese Adbarat St Mary of Debre Tsion Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, a member of London Citizens. 

Waldeba Monastery and its environs is a place of great religious, historical and environmental importance - and of national importance to the people of Ethiopia. We are heartbroken to hear of the Ethiopian government's plans to destroy parts of Waldeba, which was founded in the 4th century, in order to create a sugar plantation.   

Waldeba.jpgThe bulldozing of graves in church-yards and mysterious burning down of churches, thereby destroying ancient religious and historical documents, is in direct violation of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Ethiopia is a signatory. We believe that this is a direct threat to the right to peacefully practice one's faith.

We, the undersigned, call on the UK Government to do all within its power to ensure that its biggest aid recipient, the Ethiopian Government, stops the destruction of an ancient world heritage site.  

We ask that the UK Government calls on the Ethiopian government to:

  1. Freeze any activity that will directly impact the Waldeba Monastery and people in the region.
  2. Conduct environmental, social and cultural impacts of the project to the monastery.
  3. Respect freedom of religion and worship: that includes restraining from violating properties of the Church, its religious learning centers and its sacred sites of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.
  4. Engage in direct dialogue with the representatives of the monastic communities of Waldeba to resolve current issues and avoid further instigations.
  5. Place value on historical, cultural and intellectual contributions of Waldeba Monastery to the people of Ethiopia and preserve its prestige for the generations to come.
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    I strongly agree with the points listed above and more. Our Orthodox religion and all our worshiping places should be very respected and protected.

    Didn’t our king saved Mohammed, without asking him to change his belief or trying to convert him to our Orthodox-Christianity? That prooves our source of history and culture are based on our Churches and Monasteries.
  • signed 2013-04-20 14:18:18 +0100
    To save Waldeba Monastery in Ethiopia let us be practical!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I strongly agree with the issue mentioned above. We have to do our best in order to divert the current destruction nature of the government up on the monastery heritages of Ethiopia. Actually this sacred place is not only a place to Ethiopia but it is also a valuable heritage to the world as well. As result every one has got the responsibility and accountability to act accordingly so as to enforce the evil doors repeated actions on the monastery.
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    waldeba monastery should be preserve its prestige
  • signed 2012-08-27 09:37:32 +0100
    waldeba monastery should be preserve its prestige
  • signed 2012-08-23 13:51:25 +0100
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    God Help us
  • signed 2012-07-08 23:01:46 +0100
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    We should stop those crazy people from destroying our historical heritages!!!!
  • signed 2012-06-20 14:44:58 +0100
    Stop die violation of our nature
  • signed 2012-06-19 21:31:09 +0100
    I have the spriritual pleasure to have met one of the Priest working in the United States to inform, protect, locate, and collect artifacts and assits exiled people around the World relocated from this monastary. Theses beautiful human beings want nothing more than to preseve heratige that has rightfully belonged to them for thousands of years. they ask nothing more than to spread thier fath peace and love World wide. All this would be stripped from them simply for monitary gain fi their land was bulldozed. Jason Lozinski, United States of America
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  • signed 2012-05-22 09:58:42 +0100
    let’s join our hand’s together
  • signed 2012-05-21 15:49:13 +0100
    I personally believed that dismissing these ancient, historical and relious place would not change the ethiopian peoples’ life. It’s look like instead fullfilling a few peoples wealth. It is realy sad, we’ll rather starve ourselve intead of loosing our faith.
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    Melese rgime distroying our country and our religion, We must strugle togather and remove this arrogant from the sholder Ethiopian people.
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    may God help from the distruction of (Waldba) monestrey!

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