A Lead Sponsor

A sponsoring group can go through the process of sponsoring a refugee family on their own. Others choose to work with a Lead Sponsor, an organisation which already has experience and expertise in community sponsorship. Advantages of working with a Lead Sponsor include:

  • The Lead Sponsor can act as an umbrella charity so that you don’t have to establish yourself as a charitable organisation or community interest company (CIC)

  • Hands-on help with all aspects of the sponsoring process

  • Trusted relationship with the Home Office to help with applications

  • Existing links with national and local bodies who could help with aspects of sponsorship

  • Back-up responsibility for the sponsorship arrangement 

Sponsor Refugees (WHAT WE DO) along with its parent organisation, Citizens UK, might be able to act as a Lead Sponsor for your group. Alternatively, there are other groups who might also be able to play this role 

Useful Resources:

An Introductory Guide for Registered Charities or CICs who are considering becoming a 'Lead Sponsor'

Template M.O.U between a Lead Sponsor and Community Sponsorship Group