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    Community Sponsorship – a journey together

    Guest blog by Tom Underwood, Raynes Park Community Church and Sponsor Refugees Ambassador


    A year and a half ago Raynes Park Community Church became the second group in the country to welcome a Syrian refugee family through the Community Sponsorship Scheme. 

    As a Salvation Army church we have a long history of reaching out to the vulnerable so when our leaders first introduced us to the idea of Community Sponsorship we knew that this was definitely something that we wanted to do! 

    Before the family arrived the church worked together to complete the necessary paperwork for the Home Office, took part in safeguarding training, found out about Syrian culture and prepared the house for the refugee family.  We formed a core group of twelve, including different skills from the church; a teacher who knew about school places, a retired couple with knowledge of the local area and parents of young families.  The preparation was the start of a journey that has not only brought us closer together as a church community but has also introduced us to new friends in the wider community. 

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  • Community Sponsorship Workshop at Greenbelt Festival



    Sponsor Refugees Director Tim Finch has written a guest blog for Greenbelt Festival on his own path to Community Sponsorship.

    Tim Finch and Sponsor Refugees will hold workshops on Community Sponsorship of Refugees at this year's Greenbelt Festival, 24th - 27th August. Join us to find out how you can transform the life of a refugee and your own community via community sponsorship groups

    To read Tim's full guest blog click here.



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    Pioneer Awards 2017

    The launch of Sponsor Refugees saw three Pioneer Awards presented to those who have worked tirelessly to make community sponsorship a reality. The awards were presented by Ahmad Al-Rashid and the children from one of the first resettled families.

    The People and Government of Canada



    Melissa Tam, a representative for the High Commission of Canada in the UK collected the award on behalf of the people and government of Canada. This award was presented to recognise that Canada has been at the forefront of the Refugees Welcome movement having welcomed over 300,000 refugees to Canada through refugee sponsorship since the 1970s. 

    More recently, the Government of Canada have been supporting sponsorship through the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative - a partnership between the Government of Canada, UNHCR, Open Society Foundation, Radcliffe Foundation and the University of Ottawa. 




    Citizens Cymru Wales


    This award recognised the Citizens UK chapter that did the most to pioneer community sponsorship in the UK. Out of the 10 families that were resettled as of July 2017, 2 were resettled with close support from Citizens Cymru Wales. The chapter is working to ensure another 6 families are resettled in the coming months. The award was collected by Vicky Moller from Croeso Teifi in West Wales.





    St Monica’s Parish Church, Greater Manchester


    St Monica’s Parish Church was recognised for its pioneering role and inspirational work in being the first group in the country to sponsor a refugee family from Syria. The award was collected by Sean Ryan on their behalf. Through Caritas Salford, St Monica's has gone on to help and support many other sponsorship groups. 





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    Community Sponsorship Map

    Our community sponsorship map shows community groups in various stages of the process from forming a group to having received a refugee family.

    If you would like to join your local group, please contact communitysponsorship@citizensuk.org, and we can connect you.

    If your community sponsorship group is missing from the map please email us we will add you on.

    Please Note: None of the pins show the exact location of a refugee family.

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