Checklist: refugees who can come to UK through Community Sponsorship

  • Have fled the Syrian conflict (can include families who have fled the conflict in Syria but do not have Syrian nationality) OR
  • 'At-risk’ children and their family members who have fled conflict in the Middle East or North African regions
  • Are living in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon or Turkey
  • Have been given formal refugee status and selected for resettlement by the UNHCR
  • Have been accepted for resettlement by the UK government
  • Are not chosen by sponsors (it is not a route to family reunification)
  • Are included in the government pledge to resettle 23,000 refugees by 2020 (VPRS and VCRS schemes)

Note: The criteria will change from 2020, with the introduction of a new global refugee resettlement scheme. The details of this are still in development. 

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