Drawing Up A Resettlement Plan

All the work you have done up to now will put your group in a good place to draw up the detailed plan of action – the Resettlement Plan – that the Home Office requires of you. The plan should be ‘action-orientated’, focusing on how you will deal with all things that arise during the sponsorship period. 

This plan should address:

  • What will need to be done to welcome and support a refugee family, and by when
  • Who in your group will do the tasks you have identified
  • How you will all fulfil your various roles 
  • Where the family will live, the children will go to school, etc

It is important to ensure the following:

  • Addressing the full range of things that will be needed to welcome, support and integrate a refugee family in your community. This includes:
  • A home of their own, furnished and with the usual amenities
  • School places for the children
  • Interpreting services 
  • Arrival day plans, and welcome and support in the first week
  • Signing on for benefits (and providing the money the family will need until benefits payments arrive)
  • Opening a bank account
  • Signing on with a GP and other medical services
  • English language training, both formal (ESOL training and qualifications) and informal (conversation sessions)
  • Finding employment or training opportunities for the refugee families
  • Access to mosques, churches, cultural centres, refugee support groups
  • Showing that you are able to deliver on all aspects of welcome, support and integration. You will need to show either that members of the group have the relevant experience or expertise, or that you have linked with others who can provide it. Necessary skills include:
  • Finance – budgeting, accounting
  • Ability to act as interpreters (generally, between Arabic and English)
  • Qualified English language tutors
  • Practising or recently retired health professionals
  • Employment specialists
  • Local authority contacts
  • Links to organisations or groups specialising in supporting refugees or asylum seekers

Download the government resettlement template here.

Sponsor Refugees has put together a more tailored version, that contains useful prompts and suggestions. You can download this here.