Finding A Home For The Refugee Family


For many groups, this is a big one. Your sponsoring group will need suitable, safe and affordable housing for a refugee family. Rightly, you aren’t allowed to put the family up in your own home, even temporarily.  You must find them a place of their own from Day One.

Obviously, the size and type of home you can find will contribute to the type of refugee family you can sponsor. Factors to consider:

  • Big houses - the bigger the house is, and the more bedrooms it has, the larger the refugee family can be. Finding bigger houses is particularly helpful – and it speeds up the process of bringing a family to the UK – because the supply of such homes does not meet the demand for them
  • Limited mobility access – this will allow you to sponsor a refugee family who may have a disabled member. Like big families, this is not uncommon among Syrian refugees.

To meet the requirements of the Home Office the home will need:

  • A minimum two-year lease
  • Its own front door
  • To meet environmental standards and be properly maintained
  • To be furnished and have all the usual amenities
  • Either
    • The rent should not exceed Local Housing Allowance rates so that the housing benefits the refugee family will receive will cover the rent
    • You will have to top-up the rent out of the sponsoring group’s funds


Once you have found a home, you may need to furnish and adapt it. 

A douche spray is commonly found in Middle Eastern bathrooms, and most families who arrive will be expecting to find one in their new home. Download instructions to fit a douche spray without breaking the bank - or the pipes! (Credit to Raynes Park Community Church).