How do we ensure that we are doing all the right things to welcome and support a refugee family?


You will need to draw up what is called a ‘resettlement plan’. It sounds a bit a technical, but it isn’t really. In essence, it involves imagining all the things that a refugee family will need help with in order to settle into your community successfully, then writing down how you will achieve those things and assigning the tasks to the member of the group most capable of carrying them out. Some of the areas your plan will need to cover include:

  • What you will do on the day of arrival and in the first week
  • Who will be doing interpreting (you will need people attached to your group throughout the 12-month sponsorship period who speak both English and Arabic)
  • Who can help the refugees to sign on with doctor, a dentist, register the children for school, etc
  • Who will be helping with benefit assessments, access to training or find a job
  • Who will lead on budgeting and record keeping 

More details in the DRAWING UP A RESETTLEMENT PLAN section on the Act page.

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