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  • Family Resettled in Ireland

    The Al Sulaiman family

    A Syrian family have been resettled in Wicklow, Ireland, thanks to the Wicklow Syria Appeal group.

    The Wicklow Syria Appeal group have worked with Nasc, the Migrant and Refugee Rights Centre, to help resettle the Al Sulaiman family into the Wicklow community. 

    The Wicklow Syria Appeal group have gained support from their local community and businesses to fund the resettlement of the Al Sulaiman. A privately rented house has been sourced in the area, for the Al Sulaiman family to move into, to start rebuilding their lives.

    The Al Sulaiman family can now be reunited with the already resettled daughter and her husband, who have now been living in Cork for over a year.

    A wonderful article was written about the Wicklow Syria Appeal group in the Independent.

    Read more about this group and the Al Sulaiman family here.

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