People in Raynes Park, South West London, learning about community sponsorship of refugees 


There is a lot to learn about community sponsorship of refugees before you consider setting up a sponsoring group. We have tried to answer some of the main questions in our FAQS section. But you may have other questions or want more information. 

One way to find out what you want to know is to talk directly to us at Sponsor Refugees. You can contact us [email protected] to arrange a call.

You will find much more information, focussed on planning to become a sponsoring group and then taking the actions required to be approved for sponsorship, in the PLAN and ACT sections below.

But, first, in this video you can learn about the 10 ten steps to community sponsorship

This film is a good, general introduction to the Community Sponsorship scheme in the UK, including words of inspiration and advice from people who have already formed sponsoring groups and welcomed refugee families in the UK.

The Home Office, working with partners, has produced a number of useful guides to sponsorship.

  1. This mini-guide is a good overview of what sponsoring entails
  2. It is also available in Welsh here
  3. A bit more detail on Community Sponsorship can be found in this document
  4. It too is also available in Welsh here