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    KAT MIAO YU – Chinese Migrants Network:

    “I took my young son Benjamin with me to visit CEDARS. What struck me, as a leader from an organisation of Chinese migrants, is that the Pre-departure Accommodation isn’t a detention centre. It doesn’t have high walls and security guards in every room. It provides decent privacy for families in most of the rooms. My impressions were that it was family-friendly and put children’s needs first. The children’s play areas really stood out for me – and for Benjamin of course! It has indoor and outdoor play areas that are suitable for all aged children. It’s a positive step forward in ending child detention.”

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    Transform the lives of a refugee family and transform your community

    Transform the lives of a refugee family and transform your community 

    Are you one of the many people in Britain who would like to help people fleeing war and persecution?

    Do want to do more than just send a donation to a refugee charity or sign a petition?  

    Do you feel you, your friends and neighbours could welcome a refugee family into your community, help them settle and build a new life?

    If so, the Community Sponsorship programme could be for you.


    Introducing Community Sponsorship video

    Introducing Community Sponsorship



    Ten Steps To Sponsoring A Refugee Family


    First Sponsorship in the UK video

    First Sponsorship in the UK 







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