On resettlement flights: A letter to MP Chris Philp

When the pandemic led the IOM and UNHCR to announce a hold on resettlement flights globally, it left refugees languishing in a deeply unsafe situation. It simultaneously left Community Sponsorship groups in a limbo of juggling empty properties, redeploying resources and withstanding dwindling momentum. So after six months of silence from the government, groups decided to take action.

Below are the letter to Conservative MP Chris Philp signed by 36 group members and the response we received. 

As the VPRS scheme comes to an in March 2021 with no current commitments to extend, we at Sponsor Refugees, along with Community Sponsorship groups across the country, are campaigning for the government to resettle 25.000 refugees by 2025.

You can find the letter we sent the MP here.

And the answer we received here

UPDATE - 12/10/2020 : You can read our response to Chris Philp's letter here





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