A group in Wales get together to discuss plans for Community Sponsorship

Having learnt about the basics of community sponsorship the next step is to start drawing up plans. This is not something that one person should do on their own. You will want to gather a group of people together at an early stage. These could be friends and neighbours in your community, or a group of work colleagues, or fellow worshippers at your mosque, synagogue or church. 


Building A Group | TrainingLocal Partners

A Lead SponsorTimeline To SponsorshipA Fundraising Plan



If you have the following in place:

  • A strong, committed group, with roles assigned
  • A good idea of the partners you will need in your area
  • A timeline for completing the tasks up to application
  • The funds you need for sponsoring in place or a robust plan to raise the money

You can now move to applying to become a sponsor