Sponsor Refugees is the leading organisation promoting community sponsorship of refugees across Britain. We do this through:

  • Campaigns

Helping to get stories into the media, highlighting community sponsorship on social media channels, and promoting community sponsorship among national and local politicians, policy makers and opinion formers > NEWS section

  • Events and Talks

Making presentations at festivals and conferences, delivering talks at churches, schools, businesses etc.


A training workshop on community sponsorship at the Greenbelt Festival 2017

  • Meetings

Visiting groups that are thinking of becoming a sponsoring group to talk them through the process and advise them on all aspects of community sponsorship. 

Bekele Woyecha from Sponsor Refugees promoting community sponsorship in Hoxton, East London, 2017

  • Ambassadors

Arranging for people who have done a community sponsorship (or for Syrians who have been resettled in the UK through the programme) to come to talk at public or group meetings. See our YouTube video on this here.

Tim Finch from Sponsor Refugees promoting the Ambassadors programme in Leicester, 2018

If you want someone from Sponsor Refugees to visit you please email here