Risk Assessments


Risk Assessments

To ensure that you, other volunteers in the Group, and the members of the refugee family are safe and secure, the Group may need to draw up Risk Assessments for certain activities.

Conducting risk assessments can seem like an unnecessary hassle, but it doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult, and in most cases, it is just a matter of common sense. If we are your Lead Sponsor, Sponsor Refugees expects that Groups will have risk assessments in place for three situations

  • Transit: the transfer of the refugee family from airport to their new home on the day of their arrival in the UK
  • Home-based activities: a risk assessment to cover all activities where the Group volunteers are working with the refugee family in their home
  • Community-based activities: risk assessments for one off events which might involve greater risks. For example, organising a Sponsored Cycle, or a party with hundreds of attendees.


Download a Risk Assessment Template

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