Wherever you are on the process of community sponsorship, Sponsor Refugees is here to help.

It may be that the answers you are seeking can be found elsewhere on these pages. 

Do have a look at our FAQS section or, for more detail, on the LEARN, PLAN, ACT OR SUPPORT page.

It may be that one of our training workshops will address the issues you face.  See TRAIN section. 

But sometimes you need particular help on a particular matter. If so please contact us [email protected] to arrange an advice call.

Areas where we might be able to help are:

  1. Finding other people in your area who are interested in or are planning to become community sponsors
  2. Facilitating links with organisations in your area which already have experience of working with refugees
  3. Facilitating links with local charities with which your group could partner
  4. Helping to broker a meeting with officials at your local authority
  5. Raising issues with the Home Office