What are the main commitments of being a refugee sponsoring group?


The first, and most important, is a strong, shared commitment to welcome refugees into your community and to help them to build a new life alongside you. Sponsorship is a voluntary activity not a full or part-time job, but it is not something you can take on (or drop) lightly.

Members of your group should ideally be able to commit a few hours every week to preparing to welcome a family. It takes about 12 months from the point of forming a group to welcoming a family (although this time is gradually reducing as more groups take part, and can share their advice and resources).

During this time you need to:

  • build a strong group
  • write safeguarding and complaints policies
  • receive consent from your Local Authority
  • identify local services and plan how you will support the family to resettle
  • submit an application to the Home Office
  • raise £9,000
  • find and furnish a home, to rent for minimum of 2 years.

You'll then be providing at least 12 months of active support for the refugee family when they arrive. 

See Steps to Sponsoring a Refugee Family 

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