What can we expect to get out of sponsoring refugees?


The better way to look at it, in the first instance, is what do the refugees get out of being sponsored?  If you are a good sponsoring group they should get an excellent welcome and support package to help them build a new life in a new place that is delivered in a first class way but with an extra ingredient: great human warmth. 

Resettlement offers the best chance to a refugee to rebuild their lives safely and securely, and community sponsorship is often the best form of resettlement.  Where sponsorship has been operating for years, all the evidence shows that refugees who are sponsored achieve the best outcomes, whether it is finding suitable work quickly, learning a new language or integrating into their new community.

The main satisfaction for the sponsoring group is knowing all this. But those people who have experience of sponsoring also say it is an incredibly rewarding personal experience.  The University of Birmingham have studied the benefits for volunteers who take part in Community Sponsorship. Read their findings here.  The benefits they found included:

- Individual Gains (such as enriched lives, boosted self-esteem, reduced loneliness, a sense of purpose)

- Acquiring new skills and experience

- Improved Employability

- Friendship

- Stronger and more inclusive communities

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