What is the role of the Safeguarding Team?


You are required to have a Designated Safeguarding Lead(s) on your team. The DSL(s) will act as the main source of support, advice and expertise for safeguarding.

You will be responsible for…

  • supporting volunteers with advice and guidance on safeguarding issues.
  • responding to safeguarding concerns.
  • referring cases of suspected harm, exploitation and abuse to the local authority social care as required.
  • referring cases where a crime may have been committed to the Police as required. • ensuring that any safeguarding concerns raised about volunteers are addressed and appropriately resolved with guidance from Citizens UK DSL.
  • ensuring there is an appropriate safeguarding monitoring and reporting procedures in place.
  • keeping accurate, secure, written records of safeguarding concerns and actions.
  • ensuring that all safeguarding concerns are stored securely and accessed only by authorised individuals.

It is NOT your responsibility to …decide whether someone has been abused or not – that is the responsibility of investigative statutory agencies like social work services or the police.


If you do not have someone with safeguarding experience on your team, there are lots of courses and trainings, such as Positive Learning or NSPCC. We also run ad-hoc trainings for DSLs – check here.

Download slides from our recent workshop for DSLs.

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