Will members of our sponsoring groups be checked out?


Your group will be working closely with a refugee family that the UN have classified as "vulnerable". You will be helping them to achieve intimate tasks, such as setting up bank accounts, managing their finances, accessing healthcare, and achieving integration goals. Your group will therefore be in a position of power and responsibility, with the potential to both cause and prevent harm. This relationship will also place you in a unique position to be able to spot and respond to potential harm and abuse caused by others.

For this reason, you will be expected to have safe practices in place. This includes:

  • Writing safeguarding and complaints policies
  • Putting procedures in place to vet members of your group
  • Developing processes for training volunteers, reporting concerns, and data protection
  • Making links with your Local Authority's Safeguarding Board

But, you don’t have to start from scratch on this, we have lots of resources and templates that you can adapt. 

See Developing a Safeguarding Framework

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