Winning The Consent Of Your Local Authority

Community sponsorship is all about local groups and individuals taking on the responsibility of welcoming and supporting refugees. At Sponsor Refugees, we believe this approach has many benefits over the statutory authorities taking the lead. But even so, all Community Sponsorship groups will have to work closely with the government and particularly with their local council.

There are two main reasons for this:

  • The local authority is the main gateway to a lot of services, including schools for the refugee children
  • If your group was unable to continue with its sponsorship (fortunately, this happens rarely) the local authority would have to assume responsibility for the refugee family 

To meet the local authority criteria, your group will need to:

  • Research the availability of suitable housing, school places and the possible impact of the benefit cap
  • Convince councillors and local officials that your group is capable of sponsoring a refugee family in your neighbourhood
  • Address any concerns the council might have
  • Obtain your local authority’s written consent for an application to sponsor to go forward to the Home Office