Rescued Refugee Seeks to Save Others

Abstract from "Virtuous circle: rescued refugee seeks to save others"

It was the kindness of strangers that propelled single mother Dalya to a new life in London - now the Iraqi refugee wants to help sponsor a fleeing family of her own.

Dalya knows how alien it feels to land in a distant country, knowing nobody, and reckons one good turn deserves another.

"I want to help because I lived a horrible and hard life. I know what it feels like when people first arrive here. If they need a friend, I can be a friend. I can help with anything," the 34-year-old told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


Refugee Welcome Schools

Citizens UK has joined forces with NASUWT to recognise the important role that schools play in refugees integrate into the local community and in helping the community to welcome refugees. 


Schools are crucial places of welcome, orientation and integration for refugee families, and also play a central role in the growing number of Community Sponsorship schemes around the country.  


Refugee Welcome Schools is an accreditation scheme to recognise schools that have made a commitment to welcome refugees in their institution and community, educate all their pupils and staff about the importance of refugee protection over the course of a year, and participate in campaigns to improve the lives of refugees in the UK.  The scheme is run by Citizens UK in partnership with the NASUWT.


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Meet The 2019 Community Sponsorship Awards Judges

CS Awards judges

Meet the 2019 Community Sponsorship Awards judges which include leading figures in the Refugee, Migrants and humanitarian sector, academia, businesses and the UK parliament.





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Community Sponsorship Spreads Across the Globe

Amnesty International have shone a light on the spread of Community Sponsorship across the globe. The scheme started in Canada 40 years ago, and since 2014 has been introduced to Argentina, Ireland, Spain, and New Zealand, and of course, in the UK. There are also discussions to introduce the scheme in United States and Australia.

On this 40 year anniversary of the scheme, the Human Rights charity interviewed Rahaf, who was sponsored to resettle to North London with her husband and two children.

"I want to thank my sponsors from the bottom of my heart", she said. "They’ve done so much for us. They’ve taught us about the British way of life, the language, as well as how to get from one place to another. There are many people who still need help in Syria – the war isn’t over and it’s still not safe to return, so it’s important to continue supporting others".

John Barker, who is supporting Rahaf and her family, told the charity, "It’s so important to support people who have been forced to flee their countries. People are living in terrible conditions – the UK is a wealthy country and we should be doing far more to help. Talking to other sponsors, it’s clear that you get much more out of the scheme than [what] you put in".

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Muslims and Christians Welcoming Together

Mosques in North-East London with Churches and Christian groups are working together to sponsor a Syrian refugee family who arrived this week to start their new life in the UK.

The Redbridge Community Sponsorship project – a partnership between South Woodford Mosque, Balfour Road Mosque, Ilford Methodist Church, Ilford Salvation Army, St. Thomas of Canterbury RC Church and Wanstead Quakers – was initially formed in 2017. They faced enormous challenges in finding affordable accommodation for the family, but through great perseverance have been able to find a home.

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"You, Me and Those Who Came Before" - Parliamentary Event

Sponsor Refugees held a Parliamentary Event during Refugee Week 2019, hosted by Helen Hayes, MP for Dulwich and West Norwood. The event was organised and run entirely by refugees. The event came a day after the government announced that the refugee resettlement scheme would be extended beyond 2020, and that all families who are welcomed through Community Sponsorship would be in addition to government resettled refugees. 

The event was a brilliant way to celebrate the news, and the success of the Community Sponsorship scheme to date. However, newcomers also highlighted the challenges they face as refugees and asylum seekers to the UK.

The theme of Refugee Week was "You, Me, and Those Who Came Before", and we heard testimony from people across the generations - including Mouteb, just 13 years old!

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Resettlement Scheme Extended! Community Sponsorship to be Additional

After a campaign running 12 months and spanning the country Citizens UK leaders are celebrating after hearing that the Government's refugee resettlement scheme is being extended, and that Community Sponsorship will be in addition to government resettlement numbers. 

Reverend Cathy Wiles, All Saints West Dulwich (member of Citizens UK) said: “This morning we proudly welcomed Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes to our church to meet with refugee families and local organisations who have helped integrate 27 refugee families to our Borough of Lambeth."

"Today’s announcement is welcome news and means thousands of families, who desperately need this lifeline, can arrive in the UK via safe and legal routes. However, this should be the first step in a longer commitment if refugee resettlement, including Community Sponsorship, is to flourish.”

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Revealed: Britain's Most Welcoming Cities

London, Coventry, Birmingham and Bradford named ‘most welcoming’ cities after resettling more refugees though the UK Government’s flagship ‘VPRS’ refugee scheme than anywhere else in the country. Birmingham has also been recognized coming in 5th place.

  • Since the scheme launched in September 2015 a total of 15,977 refugees have been resettled in the UK via VPRS and 1,410 via VCRS. A further 281 refugees have been welcomed to the UK through local volunteer Community Sponsorship groups. The Government is on target to meet its commitment to resettle a total of 23,000 refugees by 2020.
  • Bradford and Glasgow also feature in the top 5, but when it comes to refugees resettled by nation/region Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeenshire and Dundee), Northern Ireland (County Durham, Antrim, Armagh and Lisburn) and the North East of England (Newcastle, Gateshead and County Durham) are well ahead with 11 of the top 20 towns and cities from these parts of the country.  Wales is the only nation/region of the UK where every local council has participated in the resettlement programme, and its rural communities are pioneering community sponsorship in places such as Fishguard, Aberystwyth and Narberth. 
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300 Pack Hall in Herne Hill to Welcome Family

More than 300 people turned up to a Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees (HHWR) meeting in May, giving a rapturous welcome to a refugee family who had finally been settled among them after two years of planning and applications. 

Flown out of appalling and dangerous conditions in Lebanon, an Iraqi family arrived in December 2018 and are settling in well, making many friends in the area.

Helen Hayes MP, who spoke at the event, described it as “such a special evening” and said it had been a privilege to share their journey so far, while Anna Burton, chair of Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees, described the turnout as incredible.

“I’m overwhelmed at the support we’ve had from our community and honoured to be a part of it,” she said. “Thank you to everyone for coming and extra special thanks to the inspiring members of Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees.”

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The Open Way is Essex

Due to the passionate work of Refugee Welcome Dagenham, the Abo-Alhawa family were welcomed to Essex in March 2019. After two months, we have the pleasure to say that this Syrian family of five is settling well into life in Dagenham. The three children are now all in local schools and are thriving. Mum and Dad are working hard with their ESOL group to bring their English up to a level where they can find work and become self-sufficient. They are quickly becoming an integral part of the community in which they live and have embraced the community as part of their warm and loving family. For this path, they are assisted by a team of 20+ volunteers recruited from right across Essex and East London who helping this family to feel them at home.


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"You Are Welcome" - Family Arrives in Sutton

Guest blog by Gill Bonner

It is now just a week since we welcomed the Alhmaier family at Gatwick Airport and took them to their new home in Sutton. At Sutton Salvation Army Church, giving a warm welcome is what we're about. The outside of our building says 'You're Welcome' and we try to live this phrase out at every opportunity. Welcoming a new family, from a background unknown, is no different. We wanted the family to know how very, very welcome they were - to The Salvation Army, to Sutton, to the UK and it was important that all those in our church community could contribute.

On the day that our welcome banner was made, those attending our church service were invited to add their inked fingerprints to the words across the top...naturally 'YOU ARE WELCOME'. Regardless of our own backgrounds, race, situations our fingerprints symbolised the uniqueness of each one of us, uniting together as a community willing to receive and support a new family. We also asked that everyone, young and old, could draw around and cut out their hand print - a wave - to fill the banner will a visual 'hello' in a multitude of colours. Everyone was included and those who can't easily move around, or take part in the activity were helped by others. The whole church was buzzing and alive with the anticipation of being able to join together in something so significant. We couldn't all greet this new family physically at the airport, but by placing our own 'wave' on the banner we could indeed be a part of welcoming them and being present with them on the start of this very important journey.

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Nominations open for Community Sponsorship Awards 2019

Community Sponsorship of refugees is a wonderful thing.  And lots of dedicated people work incredibly hard on the scheme.  That’s why we believe that it is important to celebrate and recognise individuals, groups and families at our annual Community Sponsorship Awards.

The 2018 awards event was described by our parliamentary champion, Helen Hayes MP, as a ‘moving and joyful evening’ and this year’s event, kindly hosted by the Canadian Embassy in London, promises to another night to remember. 

You can now make your nominations in eight categories. It is a simple process and we are hoping that we will get lots of nominations from all over the country.

Click here to Nominate your Community Sponsorship Champions

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Promoting Community Sponsorship in Parliament

As part of this year’s Refugee Week (17th to 23rd June), Helen Hayes MP is hosting an event at the House of Commons to promote Community Sponsorship of Refugees among her fellow parliamentarians. 

The event will also call for resettlement of refugees to be extended beyond 2020 as part of the #ExtendtheWelcome campaign and for more refugees to receive a warm welcome in our communities.  The event is led by, and all speakers will be, refugees. 

Anyone connected to Community Sponsorship groups or interested in the scheme is welcome to attend. 

Please register via this link. It is vital to register - non-registered guests may be refused entry by security.

And please, do write to your MP and urge them to attend this important event. You can download a template letter here.

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New arrivals and new groups – Community Sponsorship grows across the UK

In the last couple of months there has been great progress in the growth of the Community Sponsorship across all parts of the British Isles.

A number of groups welcomed refugee families to their areas, including Corsham Sponsors Refugees which is the first Community Sponsorship Group in Wiltshire. A Syrian family arrived in this beautiful Cotswold town in mid-March and are settling in well.  Not far away, the group based around Reading Greyfriars church also welcomed a family in March and several groups in the Thames Valley and Chilterns area are moving forward. 

In the greater London area, families arrived and are now being supporting by Community Sponsorship groups, including in North Hackney, Dagenham and Peckham.  Speaking at a local gathering, the father of the Syrian family welcomed by Peckham Sponsors Refugees used a traditional Islamic phrase to thank members of group. “You are like brothers and sisters from another mother,” he said.

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Sponsorship in The Scotsman on Sunday

‘I describe the way our group works as being like the fable “stone soup”,’ Erica Brooks explains. “We all have something small that we can put into a pot and something wonderful comes out as a result.”

The “something wonderful” is Scotland’s first community sponsorship of a refugee family, who are due to arrive in Edinburgh next month directly from the Middle East – where they have fled their war-torn homeland of Syria.

Abstract from Jane Bradley, The Scotsman, Sunday 28th April 

This weekend, the Scotsman on Sunday visited Edinburgh Refugees Welcome - the first Community Sponsorship group in Scotland - as they prepare to welcome a family.  Read the article here